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Seeing the Sights

Of course, getting these girls back to bed does not have to be the first thing that you do -- though we assure you that it will be the first thing that you think of when you see them. Before that, why not ask them for a private tour of the city? The main language spoken here is French, setting it apart and making it unique when compared to the rest of Switzerland, and there are many cultural things that are worth checking out. You'll love strolling around the city with heads turning as jealous men scope out your gorgeous companion and wish they had one of their own.

As far as attractions to see, there are many options. You could start with Musee de L’Art Brut, an art museum that features great pieces from all around the world; even if you do not have a car, you can easily get there with public transportation. After that, you could swing by the Cathedrale de Lausanne to see one of the best examples of architecture in the city. Finally, you may want to climb to the top of the Sauvabelin Tower, which provides sweeping views of the city and the lake that you and the Lausanne escorts are sure to enjoy. The escorts in Lausanne will tell you that it is fully modern, having been built in 2003, though it is made from wood.

Let the Swiss Escorts Plan Your Meals

If you want to find the best place to eat, let the Swiss girls give you some recommendations. No matter which Swiss escort you choose, she will be able to tell you where to get the best food in town. Just give her a bit of information about what you like and let her lead the way. Our Lausanne escorts love to help you out, and they will be glad to offer any advice.

Lausanne Escorts: Restaurants That They Love

If you want a few ideas of places to start, though, you and the Lausanne escorts might want to check out Le Tandem. It has a terrific atmosphere and a mix of French, Swiss and Italian cuisine so that you can certainly find something that you like. You could also try Auberge du Chalet-des-Enfants, which carries only Swiss fare. It is known for having great food, reasonable prices, and a quiet atmosphere that can be nice as you and the escorts in Lausanne get to know one another a bit better. Finally, you could take the Swiss escorts to La Table d'Edgard. This is a very fancy restaurant which is sure to make a good impression on your date, to put her in the mood for a fun night, and it specializes in Mediterranean dishes, all perfectly prepared and presented.

Hit the Dance Floor or the Bar with Swiss Girls

If you want to have some fun with the Swiss escort before you head back to the hotel, to have even more fun between the sheets, you could check out some of the local bars and clubs. Again, the Lausanne escorts will be glad to give you some pointers if you have never been here before. When the girls are this beautiful, though, you know that any bar that you choose is going to be awesome.

A good place to start is by taking the Lausanne escorts to Babylone. This is a dance club and disco club, depending on the night, so you can share some mixed drinks or wine and dance the night away. If you would rather relax with the escorts in Lausanne over a cocktail, you could head down to Le Comptoir Cocktail Bar. They have local brands of alcohol and imports, so you can try something new or go for that old staple that you know will satisfy. The Swiss escorts also tend to like Brasserie la Bavaria, though it is a bit smaller -- of course, this also means it is more intimate, which can be alluring with these Swiss girls.

Pick Out a Swiss Escort in the Gallery

If you have not done so already, we really encourage you to check out the gallery where we have all of our girls listed. There are descriptions of the girls so that you can read about them and find someone who fits your personality, who gives you what you are looking for. Along with the descriptions and bios, you are going to find jaw-dropping galleries where the girls show off their bodies. Make sure you scroll right on through and get to the end, as that is where the best photos are often waiting for you.

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